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The company DIANOMEUS LTD was founded in 1997 by professionals with extensive experience in the food sector in order to cover the demanding sector of catering in mass catering throughout Greece.

DIANOMEVS distributes daily in the Greek market items of excellent food quality in hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, catering companies, cafes, company canteens, air and shipping companies and in general mass catering companies of all sizes.
The product range includes both gourmet foods aimed at haute cuisine and value for money products that combine quality with competitive price. The selection of products is always guided by the satisfaction of the needs of the customers, thus achieving long-term collaborations throughout Greece.
DIANOMEUS was recently transferred to state-of-the-art privately owned facilities in Markopoulo, Attica. The distribution of the products is done with privately owned modern temperature controlled vehicles, which in combination with the specialized and well-trained staff ensure the transport and delivery of the products in excellent condition.
The company with special emphasis on reliability and the high level of service has managed to acquire the exclusive distribution of products of large companies such as Mondelez Hellas SA (former Kraft Foods Hellas).
The company is certified with ISO 22000 and HACCP as well as all the suppliers with which it cooperates, whose products are accompanied by similar certifications.
The great experience of DIANOMEUS, as a result of its long-term cooperation with customers with high demands, has established it in the Greek market as a leading supplier of high quality food products and has enabled it to serve its customers within 24 hours.

The organized sales department of the company visits its clientele daily and takes care of its development. At the same time, its technical department is always willing to provide its services and knowledge in the installation and repair of beverage machines.

The acceptance of the customers and the trust of the suppliers in combination with the organization and the experience that the company has, give it the right to look with optimism to the future and to make every possible effort for continuous improvement of its services.

Our story

1997 Establishment
  • Establishment of the company DIANOMEUS LTD
  • The company initially operates as the exclusive representative of Kraft Jacobs Suchard, distributing its products in Greece.
  • The company Distributor further penetrates in the field of mass catering, acquiring collaborations with companies such as MISKO, Barilla, JDE
  • Creates a line of grocery products with its own brand name F&B
  • The company Distributor is transferred to state-of-the-art privately owned facilities in the industrial area of Markopoulou
  • The companies Mondelez, Unilever, Granarolo are added to its exclusive collaborations
  • The company's buying public is expanding abroad with exports to Cyprus
  • The company opens a branch in Chania serving the wider region of Crete
  • The company enters the grocery store area with new facilities and equipment with the signature Distributor fresh
  • Launches Erika’s Bake, pastries with its own brand name
  • Its product range exceeds 3000 codes
2020 Today
  • The company currently has more than 100 employees
  • Its turnover amounts to 29 million